Motor Vehicle Hearings

Did You Receive a Scheduled Suspension Notice from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)?

If you received a letter from the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) with a scheduled suspension date, you have the right to request a Hearing. You do not have to accept this suspension! You have the right to challenge the Motor Vehicle Commission. I have successfully represented clients at the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to have their suspension eliminated or greatly reduced. Understanding the MVC’s concerns, and applying my knowledge and years of experience in these cases, has shown to benefit my clients.

What Should You Do?

The first key is to be granted a Hearing. The Motor Vehicle Commission does not necessarily need to grant you a Hearing. Knowing what to say is pivotal in the MVC’s decision of whether or not to schedule a Hearing. You will not be able to argue anything to the Motor Vehicle Commission if your Hearing request is denied. Attorneys who regularly practice in this area, have a much greater understanding of this process and will be more successful in scheduling a Hearing on your behalf.

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