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car For most people, next
to the purchase of a home, a vehicle is the largest purchase you will make
throughout your life. As a lemon law attorney with offices in East Brunswick,
Princeton and Woodbridge, I have successfully represented many clients throughout
the State of New Jersey with lemon law related issues. My law firm has fought for
my clients against the major car manufacturers in Middlesex County, Somerset
County, Mercer County and Somerset County. I will never let the car manufacturers,
or their selling dealerships, “bully” any of my clients, period. As a
lawyer, I continuously stick up for you, the consumer. Fortunately, in New Jersey,
there are laws that protect all consumers after they purchase a new vehicle. If
your new vehicle is less than 3 years old and has defects, you may be entitled to
get all of your money back or a new vehicle. The New Jersey Lemon Law is a consumer
friendly statute that was designed to protect consumers who purchased defective

Is your new vehicle a Lemon?

To establish a lemon law case, you must show that your vehicle has
“nonconformities” or “defects” that substantially impair
the vehicle’s use, value or safety. These “defects” must occur
within the first two years, or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, and must be
subject to an unreasonable number of repair attempts. There are limited situations
in which the vehicle could be deemed a “lemon,” if the vehicle has a
serious defect that could cause bodily harm, or death, if not repaired after one
attempt. The New Jersey lemon law also applies to vehicles that are out of service
for twenty (20) or more days.

Having spent considerable money for a new vehicle, you deserve to get what you paid
for or be compensated by the vehicle manufacturer. The best part is that this is
100% cost free lemon law help. That means, that if you prevail on
your lemon law case, the car manufacturer pays all attorney fees. As a consumer,
you would not have to pay anything.

Let me help you get
rid of your lemon…

I have successfully represented people who have purchased defective
vehicles. I have fought with many major car manufacturers to get my clients a
repurchase under the New Jersey lemon law or the compensation they are entitled. If
a vehicle is deemed a lemon, a consumer is entitled to a full refund of the
purchase price or a new replacement vehicle. A refund would include the other
related charges which were paid at the time of purchase, minus a reasonable
allowance for use of the vehicle. Alternatively, you may also be entitled to
compensation under the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act if the manufacturer fails
to fix the problems or defects in your vehicle within a reasonable period of time.
You have rights to help protect you, and your valuable purchase, against these
giant car manufacturers. I have the experience, knowledge and aggressiveness to
assist you in the fight against the car companies. Again, under the laws of New
Jersey, if you prevail on your lemon law case or breach of warranty
matter, all legal fees are paid by the manufacturer. This is 100% cost free

Get the right lawyer for you!

I have also handled consumer fraud cases where the selling
dealership misrepresented or deceived you, an unsuspecting new car buyer. I have
challenged dealerships for their unfair commercial practices and deceptive sales
tactics. I have the aggressiveness, legal experience and ability to fight for you
against any car manufacturer or selling car dealership. I am here to help you level
the playing field and protect your new car purchase. You deserve to be compensated
for the problems that you have with your vehicle.

All lemon law cases are 100% cost free to you, the consumer.

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