For Three Years in a Row, Brian Goldenfarb has been Recognized as One of the Top 100 DWI Attorneys in New Jersey

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Brian Goldenfarb was recognized by the National Advocacy for DWI Defense (NAFDD), as a top DWI attorney. This organization acknowledges and awards attorneys for their handling of DWI matters and issues relating to driving impairment. This “impairment” includes, impairment due to alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal substances.

The National Advocacy for DWI Defense (NAFDD) selects these attorneys based upon many factors, including: experience, DWI results, client reviews, peer reviews, length of time practicing as an attorney and reputation in the legal community. Individuals selected by this organization devote a significant portion of their practice to drunk driving offenses and DWI matters.

Those attorneys that receive this award must also have experience in other related areas of law and be knowledgeable in dealing with issues of probable cause, search and seizure, standardized field sobriety testing, motor vehicle stops, criminal law, arrests, breath test analysis, refusals and “blood” related DWI cases. Along these same lines, these attorneys must be capable of handling more complex legal matters in this field.

The award given out by NAFDD is designed to help differentiate those attorneys that are more experienced in the area of DWI defense. The National Advocacy for DWI Defense (NAFDD) validates these selected attorneys and serves to help those in the search of more competent and experienced DWI attorneys.

It is an honor to be recognized as one of the top 100 DWI attorneys in New Jersey.

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