Effective April 18, 2016, the Law on Expungements now permits a Petition for Expungement to be filed in a shorter period of time.

A new procedure in New Jersey has been adopted that would allow a non-violent offender to file a Petition for an Expungement relating to a Municipal Court criminal charge, or disorderly person’s offense, after only a three (3) year waiting period. Under the “old law,” the waiting period for the filing of an expungement was five (5) years. This new law would apply to a person who was convicted of, or plead guilty to, a disorderly person’s offense or petty disorderly person’s offense to make an application to the Superior Court for an expungement after this lesser time period.

This “new law” would give those persons who have a conviction on their record, the opportunity to “clear” their record two years earlier. This opportunity will give those who made a “mistake” a quicker chance get back on their feet and “erase” that have “mark” on their record. Essentially, this revised law would give those people seeking jobs an opportunity to be on the equal footing as others that have never had a criminal conviction. Now, a person would have the opportunity to clear their name sooner.

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