About Us

Attorney, Brian Goldenfarb received his undergraduate degree from Temple University
and his Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law. Brian is a member of the New Jersey Bar, Bar of the United States District Court
for the District of New Jersey and Middlesex County Bar Association.

Since Brian has been practicing law, he has gained experience in various areas of
the law, including: Municipal Court Matters, Lemon
, Warranty Related Claims, Personal
, General Litigation, Products Liability, Insurance Defense, DWI
Charges, Criminal Defense, Felony DUI, and Contract Law

As the former acting municipal prosecutor for the Township of
Piscataway, he prosecuted thousands of cases. The Law Office of Brian Goldenfarb
represents individuals as a New Jersey DUI Attorney, handling
cases such as driving while intoxicated New Jersey. As an experienced Criminal
Defense NJ Attorney, Brian Goldenfarb also handles various offenses ranging from
criminal charges to possession of drugs and assault.

Brian has represented hundreds of consumers in Lemon Law, breach of warranty and
consumer fraud type cases. Along with settling a large number of cases for
consumers, Brian has successfully prevailed in many jury trials. In two recent jury
trials, one of the consumers received a full refund under the Lemon Law, totaling
$70,000.00, and another consumer was awarded a full refund under the Lemon Law and
$30,000.00 in damages under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. (See article

Brian has also helped many individuals who were involved in various personal injury
type cases, such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls and products liability
cases. Brian has devoted his career to helping people who have been harmed by

Mr. Goldenfarb has made it a priority to personally handle every case, whether it’s
DWI charges, criminal charges, or Lemon Law. While at other firms, there may be
different people and different attorneys who handle your case, once Brian has
elected to represent an individual in a particular matter, he will remain your
attorney from the start to finish. Personal service is what he strives for.

Having an experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive attorney on YOUR side is only to
your advantage. Allow my years of experience and dedication to my clients to work
for you. After all, having the “right” attorney on your side is only to your

I have successfully represented people throughout Middlesex County and other
counties throughout the State of New Jersey. Whether it is a Personal
Injury Matter
, Custody Issue,
Criminal Matter, DWI or traffic offense,
I certainly will fight for you every step of the way.

"Winning Isn't Everything, It is the ONLY thing."
- Vince Lombardi